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IntensiveMassage combined with Chineses Cupping

These intense Anti-Cellulite massage stimulates the deep layers of the skin and the muscle, encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which provides the nutrients necessary to improve the condition of your skin, as well as helping the lymphatic system to remove any toxins and
excess fluid. This results in physically breaking up these deposits, and promoting circulation in the area. It helps to slim and firm your body.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage "Bamboo Ritual”

Is a deep-acting bamboo massage with bamboo sticks that restores the harmony of the body and soul. A pleasant bamboo scent relaxes, relieves the body from stiffness, scents spread in air and music provide a lot of positive thought energy. The body loosens up, tension goes down, blood circulation and lymphatic system function, as well as mood become better, and skin becomes brighter. The feeling of bliss overwhelms little by little

Relieve Neck, Shoulder, and upper back pain
Remove the feeling of stiffness
Better sleep quality
Increased mental clarity
Improve lymphatic drainage
Remove toxins from the body
Improve Skin Tone
Encourage the body’s natural healing process
Endorphin release

Ritual Queen of Egypt

Ritual Queen of Egypt

Unique, Luxurious, intense and sensual treatment inspired by the beauty Queen,  Cleopatra. The legendary seducer and one of the most beautiful women in history. During the treatment,  salt peeling are used for full body exfoliation  and a massage based on noble oil made of incense and myrrh, which in ancient Egypt were a symbol of longevity and eternal youth. The ritual rejuvenates the skin, restores it and enhancing its natural beauty.


Sensual Coconut Ritual

A coconut oil massage combines a relaxing and invigorating massage with the dreamy tropical scent of coconut to transport you to an island getaway.
Coconut oil has a strong moisturizing effect, making  skin soft and smooth . Valuable minerals and vitamins of the oil nourish and regenerate the skin.The massage combines gentle technique to leave you relax and refreshed.

(body peeling with coconut shrims + body and face massage with coconut oil)

Hot Stones

Hot Stone massage

he hot stone massage relieve pain, promote harmony and balance within the body.
This unique massage technique involves placing water-heated smooth stones, of various sizes, on key points on the body. The stones used are natural basalt and jade and each stone contains its own natural essential energy. The resulting deep massage and sensation of warmth and comfort is simply blissful and not to be missed. The addition of aromatherapy and soft music to this spa treatment has a calming effect on mood and heightens feelings of well-being.

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