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Why My Clients

 Choose UNIQUE 

Unique By Anna Sarna

UNIQUE by Anna Sarna providing high-quality services to everyone.

My clients appreciate the high level of customer service, the professional skills estheticians as well as  professional approach to everything we do.

Thanks to our clients’ regular reviews, testimonials, and comments we are able to improve our salon.


I love my eyebrow design. I'm usually very picky about my eyebrows and not everyone can give me what I want. You are amazing. Thank you for the amazing job you’ve done, I’ll be recommending you to my friends from now on!



Thank you for the first-rate beauty service! I am very happy with the outcome. I feel fortunate to have met someone with years of training in makeup who is also bright and knowledgeable enough to determine my perfect style.

AdobeStock_179582067 (1).jpeg


I have been looking for a beautician for a long time before coming to Ania. What makes her so special is the fact she owns her own business instead of “just” being employed by a bigger, less caring firm. Julie genuinely does care for your skin, nails and your health in general!

Unique by Anna Sarna


Anna’s bespoke facials treatments keep my skin looking youthful and fresh. Love how she creates every treatment tailored for my skin. All non-surgical and non-invasive

—  Tara

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